Plugins and Skins

You can customize Video.js using 3rd party plugins and skins. For more information about creating and using Video.js extensions, please see the documentation.

Playlist plugin for Video.js
A Yeoman generator for Video.js plugins
A framework that provides common functionality needed by video advertisement libraries working with video.js.
A video.js plugin allowing looping of a section of video, with GUI and API interface
Adds an airplay button to a control bar if the browser supports airplay
Track Google Analytics events from video.js players
ASS/SSA subtitle overlay for videojs
ASS/SSA subtitle overlay for videojs


Video.js plugin for supporting BIF.
Shows a bitrate graph above the video controls
Simple plugin that adds your logo brand in the player controls


Adds a logo bug to the videojs player with adjustable position, size, and opacity
video.js plugin for skip to next/previous chapter buttons.
Video.js plugin for supporting chapter thumbnails
Chromecast plugin for videojs
A Video.js plugin for concurrency control on played contents
Video.js plugin for supporting concurrency
A cross-device context menu implementation for video.js players.
A cross-device context menu UI for video.js players.
A framework that provides common functionality needed by video advertisement libraries working with video.js.
A Video.js source-handler providing MPEG-DASH playback.
Supports Encrypted Media Extensions for playback of encrypted content in Video.js
Play back HLS with video.js, even where it's not natively supported
Play back HLS with video.js, even where it's not natively supported
Play back HLS with video.js, even where it's not natively supported
A Media Source Extensions plugin for video.js
A Media Source Extensions plugin for video.js
Exposes a list of quality levels available for the source.


Dock plugin for videojs
Renders rich captions
Adds a track selector to the menubar.
A Video.js plugin for Seekbar with DVR support.
Dynamic Overlay Text On Video Js
A Video.js plugin for custom error reporting
Track events with VideoJS 5 and keep an eye on performance metrics
Video.js tech for supporting Fairplay streaming.
Video.js plugin for playing Fairplay protected content


The official Flash tech package for Video.js.
The official flash tech package for the videojs player.
Video.js tech for FLV playback in MSE with flv.js
video.js plugin that allows users to step frame-by-frame through a video.
Frankly TTML TextTrack plugin for video.js
Plays gifs that are in video format automatically with looping only when in viewport in similar fashion to twitter's gif player.
A video.js plugin for heartbeat Mediascope TNS counter
Adds a quality selector menu for HLS sources played in videojs. Requires `videojs-contrib-hls` and videojs-contrib-quality-levels plugins.
VideoJS plugin that leverages videojs-contrib-quality-levels plugin to offer manual user-selectable level selection options for adaptive hls streams.
hls.js playback plugin for videojs


Adds more hotkey support to video.js


## Introduction The IMA SDK Plugin for Video.js provides a quick and easy IMA SDK integration for the Video.js player.
Immerxon connector for VideoJS
Control for switching between video language versions
marquee plugin on video
Media Sessions API
Mirror selection for video.js
A simple playlist support for hola player


Mux analytics plugin for Video.js


VideoJs plugin to virtually "cut" an ondemand video
A Video.js Tech plugin for Ogv.js
Video.js plugin to fetch videos from Ooyala
A plugin to display simple overlays during video playback.
Panning Slider for VideoJS
a plugin for videojs run a full 360 degree panorama video.
a plugin for videojs run a full 360 degree panorama video.
A Video.js plugin for enhancing a player with behaviors related to changing media sources.
video.js plugin to add a PIP button if the browser supports webkitSupportsPresentationMode
A Video.js 6 middleware that adjusts controls based on playback rate
Playlist plugin for Video.js
Playlist plugin for videojs
Continous play videos with thumbnail and looping
A playlist video picker for video.js


A wrapper for the Node querystring module equivalent provided by rollup-plugin-node-builtins for Video.js-based players.
Simple plugin that displays a dropdown with a list of possible videos based on its resolution, also changes the source when the user selects a desired option
A video.js plugin for recording audio/video/image files.
Load related videos after clip is finished.
Adds a replay button to video.js player
Detects videojs player resize and adds/removes classes
Resolution switcher for video.js 5
Resolution switcher for video.js 5
Adapts controls to different player sizes
A plugin which reacts to the width of your Video.js player to change the layout.
Video.js plugin for resuming playback.
A simple overlay for S3Bubble to display meta data title and description
Add multiple video adverts to video js from Amazon Web Serivces
Tech plugin for VideoJS to support Scene7 players
Plugin for video.js to add seek buttons to the control bar
Will automatically select subtitle track based on configuration
Settings menu for the video.js controlbar
Share plugin for video.js
Video.js plugin for one-time Mediascope TNS counter
Skip past broken or invalid segments
Plugin to show slides according to the time, auhtor and resources list
Video.js plugin to display a social share tool on hover.
An official web project builder for video.js and its plugins
Replaces the default videojs play icon with a custom icon for video and audio players
A video.js plugin that displays a stop button in the control bar
Fetching straas live streaming state
This will update the default video structure for custom functionality
Video.js plugin to display a grid of suggested content after a video plays.
Adds a class the video.js container that can be used to put your video into "theater mode"
A plugin to enable Theater Mode and save the state using LocalStorage in VideoJS 6.4+
Thumbnails images on video progress bar.
This repo is forked from, ported to es6, fixed somebugs
Simple title overlay plugin for VideoJS
event tracker
Youtube like plugin for up next videos
downloads video
A plugin to add 360 and VR video support to video.js.
Display thumnails on progress bar hover, driven by external VTT files.
Internet watchdog for video.js
Adds a watermark image the video player
Adds a watermark image and text to the video player. Based on Brooks Lyrette <> solution
video.js plugin that adds a navigable waveform for audio and video files.
Videojs default skin with pretty colors
Videojs skin that happens to resemble a certain video game streaming site